Tips for Proper Septic System Maintenance

Your septic system usually isn't the first thing on your mind – until something goes wrong. In order to avoid problems – and the expensive cost to repair or replace a septic system – it's important to properly maintain it. Appropriate maintenance not only saves you money, but is also vital for the health of your family and the environment.

Review these tips for proper septic system maintenance:

  • Know your service provider and have their number available in case of emergencies. Make sure you have a trusted provider, like FRANC Environmental. A good tip is to keep FRANC Environmental's emergency 24/7 number in your cell phone and on your fridge – 215-443-0650.
  • Inspect and pump frequently. Depending on the size of the septic tank, the number of people occupying the house, and whether or not you have a garbage disposal, FRANC recommends you have your septic tank pumped every one to three years.
  • Use water efficiently. The more water your household conserves, the less water that enters the septic system.
  • Keep chemicals out of your system. Never put chemicals like paint, gasoline, oil, pesticides or antifreeze down the toilet or drains.
  • Don't use septic system additives. These products may not help your septic tank, and in some cases, may even hurt it.
  • Maintain your drainfield. Don't plant anything except grass around your septic system, don't park or drive over your drainfield, and don't build anything over the drainfield.
  • Your septic tank is not a trash can. Things that will not decompose should not be flushed down the toilet – paper towels, sanitary napkins, cigarette butts, etc.
  • Know specifics about the septic tank when buying or selling a home. Use a trusted, professional service provider like FRANC Environmental to inspect the septic system before selling or purchasing a home.
  • Think at the sink. Greases, fats and coffee grinds should not go down the kitchen sink. Additionally, you should eliminate or limit the use of a garbage disposal.
  • Keep a record of your annual septic tank inspections and service. FRANC Environmental provides customers with reminders to have your septic tank inspected and/or pumped every one to three years depending on your system.

For more information about proper septic system maintenance, call 215-443-0650. For a $25 OFF coupon of any FRANC Environmental service, click here.



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the crew you sent. They did a GREAT job and were very professional. I am sure we will be using FRANC again. Please Cascade this to the crews! Regards, Samuel "

— Samuel Przybylski, Plant Operations Supervisor,Thomas Jefferson University Hospital